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Hail! Hail, to thee, Oh Canada!
Behold our land so fair,
Where Nature’s bounteous hand doth spread,
Her choicest flavors there.
Gold as the sunshine of our land,
The ripening grain doth shine,
Rich emblem of a country’s worth,
An unexhausted mine.
Deep are they woods, and wide thy fields,
Great are they mountains tall,
That tower ‘gainst thy matchless skies.
My country! First of all!
Oh sons of Canada, be bold,
Be brave and true and strong,
E’en as the country of thy birth,
And guard her from all wrong!
Canada! My native land!
We rise but at thy call,
Swift champions in thy defense,
My country – First of all!
By Onoto Watanna


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People Mentioned

Paul Birchall

Paul Birchall is one of Winnifred Eaton’s great-grandchildren, descended from Paul Reeve. He’s also the library manager for LA County Library’s branch on Catalina Island, has a BA in history from the University of Chicago and an MLIS from the University of North Texas.

Winnifred Eaton

  • Born: August 21, 1875
  • Died: April 08, 1954
See the Biographical Timeline for biographical information on Winnifred Eaton.

Pseudonym used in this text

Joey Takeda

Joey Takeda is the Technical Director of The Winnifred Eaton Archive and a Developer at Simon Fraser University’s Digital Humanities Innovation Lab (DHIL). He is a graduate of the M.A. program in English at the University of British Columbia where he specialized in Indigenous and diasporic literature, science and technology studies, and the digital humanities.

Organizations Mentioned

Winnifred Eaton Reeve Fonds

Collection of Winnifred Eaton’s papers and unpublished manuscripts, which were transferred to the University of Calgary in 1982. The finding aid for this material is located here:
Written by Joey Takeda


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