New York Years 1901–1916

By 1903, the novelty of Eaton’s Japanese romances had faded. Newly married to writer-journalist Bertrand Babcock and living in New York City, Eaton attempted to recreate herself. She wrote two anonymously published memoirs: the semi-fictional ME: A Book of Remembrance and Marion, based on her sister Sara’s experience as an artist’s model. She tried on another pseudonym, Winnifred Mooney, when she submitted to a publisher a manuscript about other ethnic personae, The Diary of Delia, a first-person narration from the perspective of an Irish maid speaking in a rich, if stereotypical, brogue. Eaton also wrote autobiographical journalism about her Long Island home and, with Babcock, co-authored a story set in New York State Eyes That Saw Not. During this period, she began to write more directly from lived experience, while ironically further obscuring her identity by adopting new pseudonyms and publishing anonymously.

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