Winnifred Eaton’s Publishers

Winnifred Eaton’s Publishers

NameNoteTexts Published
A. L. Burt
New York publisher
American monthly journal that was in circulation from February 1898 to December 1926. Based in New York. Contents largely consisted of popular fiction and entertainment. Succeeded the Yellow Book/Yellow Kid magazine. Was later absorbed into Far West Illustrated magazine and briefly revived in the mid-1930s as Ainslee’s Smart Love Stories.
Also known as the Calgary Albertan. First established as the Calgary Tribune in 1886. Would be called variations of the Albertan from 1899 until 1980. Had a variety of names until the newspaper was sold to the Toronto Sun Publishing Corporation and renamed the Calgary Sun in 1980.
American Home Journal
Illustrated monthly periodical that featured sheet music in each issue. The precursor to Conkey’s Home Journal (both published by the W.B. Conkey Co. based in Chicago, IL), American Home Journal was only in print from 1897-8.
American Youth
Weekly organ of Chicago Waifs Mission, edited by Susan Gibbons Duval (1837-1920). Published Hamlin Garlin and other popular authors.
Anderson Intelligencer [SC]
Newspaper in print from 1860-1916; published at the Anderson Court House in South Carolina. Was also called the Anderson Conservator and the Anderson Daily Intelligencer. Published weekly, delved into politics, literature, news, morals, agriculture, science, and reported on daily events.
Archibald Constable & Co. Ltd
London-based publisher founded in 1795 by Archibald Constable. After bankruptcy, it was refounded in 1827 by his son Thomas and then later by his grandson, also named Archibald. The firm published several editions of the Encyclopedia Britannica and works by Sir Walter Scott. In 1999 Constable & Co. merged with Robinson Publishing Ltd. to become Constable & Robinson.
Blakely Press
Chicago-based, also known as the Blakely Printing Company. Established in 1871. Company established a newspaper in 1898.
Blue Book
Early twentieth-century pulp magazine, ran from 1905 to 1975. First launched as The Monthly Story Magazine, known as Blue Book Magazine from 1907 to 1952. Often linked to The Red Book Magazine and The Green Book Magazine.
Book News
An illustrated magazine of literature and books published from 1882-1918. Published monthly with the intent to survey general literature; likely the first publication devoted to book reviews.
A literary journal published in New York that was in publication from 1895 to 1933. Established by Dodd, Mead and Company. Offered conservative commentary and fiction from prominent American authors.
Calgary Daily Herald
First published in Calgary, Alberta in 1883, now known as the Calgary Herald. Became a daily in 1885. Was a supporter of the pioneer ranching industry.
Canadian Bookman
Initially a quarterly journal when founded in 1919, later a monthly journal from 1922 until it ceased publication in 1939. Published by St. Anne de Bellevue, P.Q: Industrial and Educational Press Limited. Merged with Canadian Author in 1940 to form Canadian Author and Bookman.
Carter’s Monthly
Chicago-based general story magazine first published in 1898. Would cease publication within a year.
Century Company
New York-based American publishing company founded in 1881 (also known as Century Press). Ran independently until 1933, when it merged with D. Appleton and Company. Now defunct.
The Century Magazine
Successor to Scribner’s Monthly Magazine based in New York City, publishing journalism, fiction, and poetry from 1881-1930 when it was absorbed into The Forum.
Chicago Magazine
Chicago-based periodical first published in 1899 by Chapin Magazine Co.
Christian-Science Monitor
First print edition published in 1908; now a daily online newspaper that publishes on a variety of topics. Headquartered in Boston.
Cincinnati Commercial Tribune
Daily newspaper printed in Cincinnati, Ohio from 1896-1898, when it was renamed the Commercial Tribune.
Columbian Magazine
The twentieth-century iteration of The Columbian Magazine was edited by Henry Mann in New York; its byline was “a treasury of entertainment and the latest useful information.” Appears to have issued only around 4 volumes spanning—at minimum—1910-1911. Would later be titled Hampton’s Magazine.
Conkey’s Home Journal
Succeeded American Home Journal, was in print from 1897-1903.
New York-based magazine focused on literary criticism. In print from 1881-1906, when it was absorbed into Putnam’s Monthly.
Current Literature
New York-based magazine in print from 1888-1912, when its name was changed to Current Opinion.
Day Book
Published in Chicago, the Chicago Day Book was published six days a week from 1911-1917. Geared towards the working class and published in a small tabloid format, it was an experiment in advertisement-free newspaper publishing.
Dodd, Mead, and Company
New York City-based publishing house that was in operation from 1839 to 1990.
Founded in 1897, Doubleday is a publishing company with both American and Canadian subsidiaries underneath the Penguin Random House corporation.
The Eclectic Magazine of Foreign Literature, Science, and Art
A monthly periodical published in New York from 1844 until 1907 by the Eclectic Magazine Printing and Publishing Company. Eaton (as Watanna) appears to have been published in one of its final—if not the final—volumes in 1907.
Edmonton Journal
Daily newspaper (Sundays excepted) published in Edmonton, Alberta. Established in 1903 and still in print today.
Farm and Ranch Review
Popular and respected Calgary-based monthly periodical focused on Western-Canadian agriculture foundd by Malcolm Geddes, E. L. Richardson, and C. W. Peterson in 1904 and in print from 1905-1966. Tied to the Country Life Movement.
Farmer’s Advocate and Home Journal1
Frank Leslie’s Popular Monthly
First published in 1876, this monthly magazine focused on popular literature. Renamed Leslie’s Monthly Magazine in 1904, and Leslie’s Magazine in 1905. Ceased publication in 1956.
Gall’s Daily News Letter
Kingston-based Jamaican newspaper published daily from 1857 until 1999. Audience described “as ‘fairly liberal white elites and successful mixed-race planters and manufacturers’” (Womack).
Good Housekeeping
Originated in Massachusetts in 1885, later moved to New York City. In addition to publishing columns on housekeeping, the women’s magazine published the works of famous writers like Waugh and Woolf. Eaton’s sister, Edith Eaton (using the pseudonym “Sui Sin Far”) was also published in the magazine. Still published today.
Harper and Brothers
Book-publishing firm that also founded and distributed Harper’s Magazine. Headquartered in New York City.
Harper’s Monthly
A monthly magazine publishing literature and commentary published by New York publishers Harper and Brothers. Began publication as Harper’s New Monthly Magazine, before later being named Harper’s Monthly Magazine, and finally Harper’s Magazine. First published in 1850, still published today.
Harper’s Weekly
Began publication in 1857 and ran until 1916 as a political magazine. Today, Harper’s Weekly survives as a blog associated with Harper’s Magazine.
American monthly magazine first published as Hearst’s Magazine in 1912. When acquired by Hearst Magazines in 1911, publication was called The World Today. Would combine with Cosmopolitan in the 1920s.
Home and Flowers
Magazine published monthly from 1900-1906; publisher based in Springfield, Ohio. The full title is Home and Flowers: An Illustrated Monthly Magazine Devoted to the Home Beautiful.
Hutchinson’s Magazine
British publishing company, which published standalone texts and magazines like Hutchinson’s Magazine (1919-1929) and Hutchinson’s Story Magazine (1919-1921). Eaton’s work was published in the former.
I Confess
American pulp magazine published biweekly from 1922-1932. Aimed at young women.
A British illustrated magazine in print from 1892 until 1911; published monthly.
Ladies’ Home Journal
Initially published as The Ladies’ Home Journal and Practical Housekeeper. In print from 1883 until 2016.
Lady’s Magazine
British magazine published by C. Arthur Pearson that aimed to be a comprehensive publication for all subjects pertaining to women. This particular iteration was in print from 1901-1904; the magazine would be renamed multiple times.
Lippincott’s Magazine
Monthly magazine focused on publishing literature and science-related materials from 1868 until its absorption into Scribner’s Magazine in 1915. Initially published in Philadelphia, before being relocated to New York in 1915.
Los Angeles Herald
Daily newspaper established in 1873 with an emphasis on local agricultural, business, and cultural news for a working-class audience. Merged with other Los Angeles newspapers in 1931.
Toronto-based weekly magazine initially titled The Busy Man’s Magazine, which was renamed to Maclean’s in 1911. The Canadian news magazine is still in publication today.
English publishing company headquartered in New York City. Founded in 1843.
Margaret Herrick Library1
McClelland and Stewart
Toronto-based Canadian publishing company founded in 1906. In its infancy, went by McClelland and Goodchild Limited before its name change in 1918. Now owned by Penguin Random House LLC.
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios1
Metropolitan Magazine (Montreal)1
Metropolitan (New York)
In publication from 1895 until 1925 in New York; focused on literature, politics, and theatre, among other interests.
Montreal Daily Star
English-language Canadian newspaper in print from 1869 until 1979. Printed in Montreal, Quebec.
Montreal Gazette
Founded in 1778; one of the oldest newspapers in North America. Still in print today.
Motion Picture Classic Magazine
An American movie fan magazine in print from 1915 until 1937. Headquartered in New York. The sister magazine of Motion Picture Magazine.
Motion Picture Magazine
An American movie fan magazine published from 1911 until 1977 under various names. Similarly named Motion Picture Classic Magazine was its sister publication. Headquartered in New York.
The Musson Book Company
Canadian publisher based in Toronto. Founded in 1894 and was absorbed into General Publishing in the 1960s.
New Magazine
Short-lived Toronto-based magazine published by Periodical Press of Canada Ltd.; inaugural issue’s managing editor was Theodore H. Rand-McNally. Only the first issue was ever published; the magazine was intended to be “For Canada – By Canada – About Canada.”
New Metropolitan Magazine
Edited by John Kendrick Bangs from 1903 onwards. Appears to be a renaming of the New York-based Metropolitan Magazine.
The Press [Canterbury, NZ]
Initially a weekly newspaper when it was first printed in 1861, The Press would later become the province’s first daily paper. Ran until 1945.
The Puritan
In print from 1897-1901, when it was absorbed by The Junior Munsey. Described as a “journal for gentlewomen.”
The Quill
Published in Toronto by the Quill Publishing Society. Magazine’s byline was “The Canadian short story magazine.” First issue published in October 1922.
Rand, McNally
American publishing company based in Illinois; best known for its maps and travel books. Also published children’s books beginning in 1900.
Still in publication today, Redbook is an American women’s magazine first published in 1903.
San Francisco Call
A daily morning newspaper based in San Francisco that was in print from 1895 until 1913, when it was purchased by William Randolph Hearst and became The San Francisco Call and Post.
Saskatoon Daily Star
A daily newspaper in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan that has had a variety of names: The Phoenix (1902–1907), The Daily Phoenix (1907–1910); The Saskatoon Capital (1910–1912); The Saskatoon Daily Star (1912–1928); and The Saskatoon Star-Phoenix (1928–present).
Saturday Evening Post
An American general interest magazine first published in 1821 and is still published today. Initially a weekly magazine, now bimonthly.
Screen Secrets
Monthly periodical published in Louisville, Kentucky by Fawcett Publications. Magazine named Screen Secrets from 1928-1930. The earlier titles So this is—Paris and Paris and Hollywood screen secrets suggest the magazine’s broad scope.
Smart Set
New York-based magazine focused on literature and culture; its byline was “a magazine of cleverness.” In print from 1900-1930. Gave many emerging writers the chance to reach a large audience.
Smith’s Magazine
Fiction magazine in print from 1905-1922. Published in New York by Smith Publishing House on a monthly basis.
Sovereign Magazine
Published in London from 1919-1927. Would be incorporated into “The Jolly Magazine.”
Spanish Fork Press
Weekly newspaper based in Spanish Fork, Utah. First printed in 1902, the press is still in publication today.
Spokane Press
Daily newspaper (Sundays excepted) published in Spokane, Washington from 1902-1939.
St. Louis Dispatch
Weekly newspaper printed from 1864 until 1878 in St. Louis, Missouri.
True Story Magazine
American magazine first published in 1919 by Bernarr Macfadden; still in print today. Published first-hand accounts of social problems and taboos in a “confessional”-style format.
American film studio founded in 1912. Initially located in Chicago, later moved to New York and Hollywood. Eaton assisted with scriptwriting and adaptation on select films.
W. J. Watt and Company
New York City-based publishing company.
Washington Times
Daily newspaper (Sundays excepted) published in Washington, D.C. from 1902 until 1939.
Winnifred Eaton Reeve Fonds
Collection of Winnifred Eaton’s papers and unpublished manuscripts, which were transferred to the University of Calgary in 1982. The finding aid for this material is located here:
Woman’s Home Companion
American women’s magazine published from 1896 until 1957. Prior to 1896, the magazine was called the Ladies’ Home Companion, but the name was changed to distance the publication from Ladies’ Home Journal, their rival publication.
Woman’s Home Journal
Published in Springfield, Ohio by Crowell-Collier. The American women’s magazine was in print from 1873-1957; a continuation of Ladies’ Home Companion and other earlier titles.

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